1. Japanese movie theater. One hook to hang your bag and a tube to hold your umbrella.

    Japanese movie theater. One hook to hang your bag and a tube to hold your umbrella.

  2. VIP Stylee Toyota Crown

  3. VIP Style Aristo

  4. Yohji 2014 A/W

    found @ http://roomboypony.blogspot.jp/

  5. SOPHNET. 2014-2015 A/W VIDEO

    A more urban feel on the Sophnet side.

  6. uniform experiment 2014-2015 A/W VIDEO

    I’m gonna say that in the next three years, the stereotypical model will be fazed out for more regular/natural looking models.  Barbie and Ken are dead.

  7. DJ Souljah aaight』ft. KOHH and MARIA


    LOL at the Boyz 2 Men tshirt cameo

  8. Japanese high school girl ninjas

    Pretty amazing

  9. Here’s another soccer blooper

  10. The World Cup is over, and Japan got smoked, but at least the Office Ladies here got in the spirit of the game.

  11. FewMany, one of the first shops I ever visited in Tokyo looking for collectible figures such as Be@rbrick and ToyRobot.  They used to be in this tiny alley near Isetan, and then one day they were gone.  I have recently found other places around Tokyo with more variety, but recently stumbled upon FewMany again in the Marui complex in Shinjuku san-chome.  I recommend a stop in this Marui if you are into some of the more obscure Japanese fashions such as Lolita.  There is a whole floor of shops such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright.  And then there’s few many to help decorate your room with an artistic touch.

  12. AMKK

  13. headporter camo

    headporter camo

東京都渋谷区神宮前3-21-12TEL: 03.5771.2621OPEN : 12:00-19:00


    TEL: 03.5771.2621
    OPEN : 12:00-19:00

  15. tokyo-fashion:

    Cosplayers riding real life Mario Karts through the streets of Harajuku today. YouTube Link

    mario cart . for real!

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